Lobstack is shaping the present and future of collaboration and work, here is how?

It’s no secret that there are increasing digital transformation across different industries which has affected and is affecting the way people work and collaborate.

It is simple, the landscape of collaboration is changing and work is becoming dynamic!

As new jobs are created some jobs are disappearing due to changes in the required jobs skill sets, and the way and how people can collaborate is now expansive. Thanks to technology!

Therefore, from a  new startup to global brand, organisations are looking for means to maximise the productivity of their employee through increased collaboration dynamics and programs to improve and increase project success and flexibility to work.

Also, individuals are creating communities of like mind in project/product process or campaign if need be.

Unlike before, thousand or millions of people can now collaborate virtually without ever having to sit in the same hall with success using various communication and community tools.

For instance, many startups without  engineering team can outsource their design and software development and then collaborate internally to measure and manage the success using different communications and collaboration tools.

This where lobstack comes in!.

Lobstack wants businesses and individuals to collaborate or work on a single platform seamlessly without having to result in the use of different decentralised tools at the same or different times.

Lobstack for businesses?

Lobstack allows businesses access to communication and collaboration  tools , integrated business and project management tools to manage operations including, Video and Audio Conference, Chat, Community, HR, Accounting, Business Intelligence and Analytics and Payment tools.

Literary, lobstack will help:

  • Transform brick and mortar business into an exciting digital business
  • Easy integration or assign of employees on a project even if they are at the end of the world!
  • Monitor employees productivity through lobstack 24/7 office
  • Manage KPIs easily, timely, fast and seamlessly
  • Easily scale up product or service and attract Employees that are happy to work remotely.
  • Communicate,Socialise with the employee, and create an active campaign on  lobstack
  • Pay employees and receive payment on the go!

Lobstack is a digital transformation platform that helps individuals and organisations simplify and integrate flexibility to collaborations and works 

Powered by the speed of compression and AI,  you can now help your employees increase productivity even away from the office and have increased economic returns.

Lobstack for individuals

Individuals can communicate and collaborate,  create campaign, community, groups and also have access to their existing organisational work tools for communication and collaboration all in one place as available on lobstack for  businessess.

Meaning individuals can :

  • Easily create personal project, community, and campaign and send invites or sign up   team/group
  • Communicate with the team or community members using videos, Chat and Voice tools.
  • Share video screen
  • Track and manage work/campaign  productivity
  • Easily integrate or send invites to employers or existing  lobstack partner organisations
  • Have the same access to lobstack’s business and project management tools
  • Easily measure  set KPIs and project success

Importantly, individuals can increase exposure to new potential employers or position themselves to new clients with updated profile and direct access to lobstack existing partners.

I bet you want to see how lobstack make this works, isn’t it?

Sign up here for early access.http://lobstack.com

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